Matt “Atreau’ Mercer

Matt "Atreau' Mercer

Camp director/Youth Mentor/Skateboard instructor/Events Coordinator. Educator.

Matt has been skateboarding for 29 years with over 24 years of experience working w/ youth programs, camps, group homes, and elementary schools. Matt has created/implemented structured play programs, character development, & conflict resolution, and taught dance, Dj’ing, and skateboarding throughout his career.

After years of skateboarding, documentation, and progression, Matt began receiving product endorsements from skateboard brands & earning sponsors each year until 2009 when a California-based brand approached him about a collaboration. They offered Matt a pro skateboard model, he accepted the offer & continues to push himself through the love of skateboarding, music, dance, and working with young people.

Matt spent almost 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area but has relocated to Atlanta to be closer to his family, and continue to grow his youth program ” Positive Youth Movement” & his Skateboard and clothing brand “Forward Skateboarding.”


Pro Years
Skateboarding Years
Sponsored Years
Working with Youth Years


Steel Roots Pro/Am contest 2002
2nd place
Best trick contest TAMPA AM 2005
4nd place

Current Sponsors

Past experience

Ymca (childcare), Ymca (Outreach/Afterschool), Ymca Summer camp/(skate instructor), Camp Carolina- (Counselor/Skateboard instructor), Moores metamorphosis group home (mentor), Chabot Elementary (site coach), Washington Elementary( site coach), Hoover Elementary (site coach), PYM- Skateboard Camps/Classes- Various sites (owner/director/instructor)

Rates for Skate lessons

An Hour

Private lessons

Group lessons

Semi-private- $45.00 an hour

group lesson (4 kids) $35.00 an hour

$20 (per hour)

(minimum 5 students)

$210 (8 weeks)
After school pricing

$210 per session (for 8 weeks)

$266 per session (for 6 weeks)

$384 per session (for 4 weeks)

Monday - Friday

7pm-8pm (spring only)

Classes are organized by age group and abilities. Beginner. Intermediate & “Leadership” Ages 5-8 , 9-10, 11-14, 15-17. Contact us to figure out where your student best fits in. Rates will vary depending on the site location and program needs.

Book: Email us to sign up or ask us how you can hire us to work in your school.

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Based on 28 reviews
Ashley Nicole Neasman
Ashley Nicole Neasman
My daughter had a great experience at the Fall Break Camp with SkateATL. It was her first time taking official skateboarding classes. She learned all the basic safety rules and moves, and a couple tricks. They offered me a full scholarship to help me out, but it would've been totally worth the price. It's a great program for the community and I would definitely recommend it.
Whitney Edenfield
Whitney Edenfield
We had the best time at the skate workshop they offered for beginners. My son is six and really took to it but there were many ages and levels which I think is good for everyone. He got plenty of individual instruction as well as just fun skating time. The instructors were fun and friendly, encouraging without being too intense or too lax. We plan on taking the after school lessons as well and would recommend this group to absolutely anyone!
Sean Rawls
Sean Rawls
My son Lionel (10) had a great time at SkateATL camp. His only complaint was that the days didn’t last long enough! SkateATL is an excellent way to develop skills and gain experience not only physically, but socially and culturally as well. The “pros”/coaches/counselors are true skate rats and give the kids a taste of what it’s like to actually be a skater - they not only go to various skateparks but also to skate shops and street “spots” as well. As someone who recently started myself, skateboarding is one of the few things you can do that totally changes your perception of the world. You see everything differently and appreciate things you never thought about before. In my experience starting to skate with my son, the inclusiveness, generosity, and enthusiasm we have received from skaters wherever we go has been such a rewarding experience. SkateATL exemplifies this and totally gets how skateboarding is so much more than a physical activity. I can’t possibly recommend it highly enough.
Chris Marconi
Chris Marconi
My 6 year old daughter had a blast! Everyone was so nice and so fun and took care of my girl! I was worried about her being so young but she fit right in! Awesome people ❤️ Awesome camp ⚡️Highly recommend 🤟🏻
meeta dama
meeta dama
My 8 year old daughter had a great experience with Skate ATL's summer camp! She went in with very little experience and not knowing anyone, and they immediately made her feel welcome and part of the group. The counselors and jr counselors were fun, encouraging, and patient and the emphasis on gratitude throughout the week was wonderful. She's definitely more confident on her board and motivated to skate, and had SO much fun exploring different parts of the city and goofing around all week.
Lori Broderick
Lori Broderick
My son had a fantastic time during the Skate ATL summer camp. The coaches were amazing and talented - helped my son land a kickflip that he's been trying to do for several months! We highly recommend joining any Skate ATL opportunities that come along.
Brea Morgan
Brea Morgan
My kid participated in the first session of their summer camp and he loved it! He’s 4 and I was a bit worried, but he fit right in with the other students! Huge shout out to the amazing staff at SkateAtl.. very friendly and super patient with my son. Definitely excited to be a part of the family! Thank you SkateAtl
Chase York
Chase York
This organization is a real gem in Atlanta! If you are like me and don't know how to skate but your kid is interested in learning, they are who you should call! They are organized, responsive and care a lot about teaching others to skateboard! So glad we found them!
Tara Spencer
Tara Spencer
My 10 year old son had a fantastic morning with SkateATL. The workshop was coordinated professionally, started on time, and started off with the fundamentals. They somehow kept all of the participants on level engaged and moving the entire session. All of the instructors were super welcoming and skilled. I was so impressed, that I signed my son up for a private session and will definitely be back for more workshops!
Crown Jewell
Crown Jewell
Great class helpful and accessible teachers loved it and will be returning for sure