About Us

About Us


Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and this number grows at over 10% a year. Now that skateboarding is an Olympic sport, the popularity and number of kids wanting to learn to skate has skyrocketed.

When my 8-year-old daughter showed a real interest in skateboarding, I could teach her the basics on pushing off, balance, the basics. But I knew if she wanted to take her game to a new level, she needed lessons from someone other than her dad. I looked online and had a hard time finding local skateboarding lessons. The best I could find was a national referral network that seemed to price gouge.

By asking around the community, I came across Matt. A real professional with sponsorships, 20 years teaching experience, and a positive attitude, I immediately knew i found the right guy.

That’s when we decided to start SKATEATL. We wanted it to be easy for the Atlanta community to find him *along with other qualified skateboard instruction. He can take your kids skateboarding to the next level. He’s coached several kids who now skate on a professional level.

We are local. We are accessible, and easy to work with. Whether you want to just learn the basics, want to have the confidence to drop into a bowl, learn new tricks, or even want to get on the path to professional level, we are the here for you!

**side note- there are currently over 2,800 skateboarding parks in the United States. We have at least 6 great skateboarding parks right here in Atlanta. But we can also come to you!


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